Jessica Simpson Doesn't Want The World To Know How She Is In Bed, Talks Weight To Oprah

Mar 03rd, 2010

A hop, skip, and a jump later---Jessica Simpson wasted no time opening up live on Oprah regarding the whole John Mayer mess and those ridiculous mom jeans that spanned a whole weight controversy. She doesn't want the whole world to know how she is in bed, but will discuss it on Oprah with millions of viewers. Hmmm...

Oprah's Quitting Show To Shack Up With Long Time Secret Lover Gayle King?

Dec 01st, 2009

OH, Stedman! How we knew you were a facade! Looks like your rich lady lova, Oprah Winfrey, has decided to up and quit her show to get some more sexy time in with Gayle King. Now how's that for the next ultimate sex tape? Okay, we went a little far there...

Oprah's Out, Make Room For Tyra

Nov 21st, 2009

She made you cry, she made you laugh, but come 2011, she'll be gone forever. That's right, Oprah made a tearful announcement today....

November 21st, 2009 by LilMama Tags: Oprah Winfrey, show canceled 2011

Chris Brown 'Slapped in the Face' by Oprah Winfrey Over Rihanna Beating

Sep 06th, 2009

Oprah Winfrey is basically allowed to do whatever she pleases and even if you don't agree, you better just shut your mouth and go along with it just to be safe. Unfortunately, Chris Brown publicly stated that when Oprah ran an episode relating to domestic violence, Chris felt it was a 'slap in the face,' well now you know how Rihanna feels...

Move Over Oprah, Simon Cowell Wants Your Job

Jun 26th, 2009

Already jealous of people such as Simon Cowell and Oprah Winfrey with their millions of dollars, we just got a bit more envious. Poor Oprah better watch her back because it looks as though Cowell is chasing her coat tail in taking over the highest paid playa position on TV...

Move Over Oprah! Angelina Jolie's Got the Power

Jun 05th, 2009

Okay so we’re not so surprised to hear that Angelina Jolie is loaded and that she came a knockin’ on Oprah’s door and said “Hey! Retreat to number two!” to nab the first spot in the ranking of Forbes’ The Celebrity 100 list (ranks the most powerful celebrities.) And that’s just because, well, Angelina could rob a Vietnamese foster care home of nine children and not even Jesus himself would come down and reprimand her. Hard, hard life...

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