Mar 27th, 2012

Paris Hilton in Her Swimsuit and She Said What now…?

March 27th, 2012 by helga Tags: Paris Hilton

The Hotties Of The 2011 Academy Awards

Feb 28th, 2011

Hollywood's hottest came out to celebrate movies last night and let's just say these women absolutely left us speechless. From Mila Kunis to Penelope Cruz to Scarlett Johansson, these A-List ladies sure had the world of beauty in the corners...

Gwyneth Paltrow Set To Perform With Cee-Lo Green At Grammy Awards

Feb 08th, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow is REALLY trying to be likable. The Academy Award winning actress will more than likely be at the Oscars, but now she's set to attend the a performer. If you remember her bit on Glee, Paltrow played a substitute teacher who triggered Cee Lo Green's massive hit Forget You and now she's set to a duet with him this Sunday...

Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce, Adopts Baby As Single Mom

Apr 30th, 2010

So sorry for the late updates, guys! It's been one heck of a week for me! Let's get started. First things first, biggest story of the week? Sandra Bullock gracing the cover of this week's People with her adopted baby! Can you believe she kept it a secret for FOUR years? Well, she's had the baby since January, but has been in the processing of adopting for that long...

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Responds To Chelsea Handler's Comment (...And She Reciprocates)

Apr 05th, 2010

Chelsea Handler's job is to basically poke fun at every celebrity---especially those associating themselves with trash and scandal. So it's no surprise the comedienne took to her blog to discuss Michelle "Bombshell" McGee (otherwise known as Jesse James's Rachel Uchitel.) Let's jusy say McGee didn't take Chelsea's comments lightly...

Jessica Simpson Fights Back At Howard Stern's Negative Gabourey Sidibe Comments

Mar 15th, 2010

With a show about finding your inner beauty to promote, Jessica Simpson fought back against Howard Stern last week for making "inappropriate" comments about Precious star, Gibourey Sidibe. Last Monday, Stern took to his Sirius Satellite radio show to discuss Sidibe's weight, how she'll never work again, and in typical Stern fashion, just brutally bashed her image...

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