Tila Who?

May 26th, 2012

Maybe we just thought after her lesbo love fiesta with Lindsay Lohan that Tila Tequila would quitely fade into the background.

May 26th, 2012 by helga Tags: Tila Tequila

Pete Wentz's Possible Drug Problem Cause His Divorce

Feb 25th, 2011

So just why did Ashlee Simpson file for divorce from Pete Wentz? According to sources, the rocker has quite an out-of-control drug habit. His abuse of prescription drugs teamed up with his wandering eye caused Ashlee to axe the relationship...

Charlie Sheen Caught With Escort Right Next Door To His Children, $7,000 Hotel Damage

Oct 26th, 2010

And he's at it again! He may be the highest paid actor on television, but Charlie Sheen just can't kick his drinking and escort habits...even when his children are in the next room to his! That's right, early this morning around 2 a.m.,m policed were called to The Plaza Hotel in NYC to find a drunken Charlie Sheen and an escort locked inside of a closet...

Simon Monjack Dead Five Months After Wife, Brittany Murphy's Death

May 25th, 2010

Man. Just five months after Brittany Murphy's death, her husband, Simon Monjack, was found dead in the same bedroom she passed in early this morning. One word: eerie. One source claims there were a number of pill bottles on the nightstand-some being empty. Again, similar to Brittany's death. At the moment, one law enforcement source says the two causes of death that seem plausible at the moment are "natural" and "accidental drug overdose." Call me crazy, but I'm going with the latter...

80's Teen Idol, Corey Haim, Dead At 38 From Apparent Drug Overdose

Mar 10th, 2010

What a terrible tragedy. I remember being 3-years-old and dreaming of Corey Haim as my future hubbie. Sadly for all of you 80s obsessed pop culture kids out there like myself, Haim died early this morning in California. He lost his long struggle with drug addiction...

Alec Baldwin Was Rushed To The Hospital Yesterday

Feb 12th, 2010

This one's a little confusing. While sources claim the 12:10 early Thursday morning call from Alec Baldwin's pad had to do with "possible alcohol or drug overdose" others say he swallowed a bunch of sleeping pills, um, for fun? Who knows, but the 30 Rock star was shortly released just after 1 a.m. the same morning...

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