Pete Wentz's Possible Drug Problem Cause His Divorce

Feb 25th, 2011

So just why did Ashlee Simpson file for divorce from Pete Wentz? According to sources, the rocker has quite an out-of-control drug habit. His abuse of prescription drugs teamed up with his wandering eye caused Ashlee to axe the relationship...

Ashlee Simpson Files For Divorce From Pete Wentz

Feb 10th, 2011

Two years, I'll give it to them. Ashlee Simpson announced yesterday that she no longer wantz the wentz. After that news hit the fan, the "couple" released a statement regarding their decision to end their two year marriage. So long suckaz...

Pete Wentz Gets The Boot From Fall Out Boy, Band Goes On Hiatus

Feb 05th, 2010

Hold on, let me get the kleenex. Like, totally, my favorite band, probably, like, the most talented group of guyzzz forevs, has totally like went on hiatus. JOY TO THE WORLD. Can anyone stand a moment longer of these vaginas pretending to make music?...

Ashlee Simpson Secret 'Melrose Place' Affair Behind Hubby Pete Wentz Back?

Oct 05th, 2009

Has Ashlee Simpson been jeeping on the set of Melrose Place as her hubby has been away on tour? According to...

Ashlee Simpson's Butt Looks Nice In Leather

Sep 07th, 2009

She may be annoying to listen to, but as long as she is consistently showcasing her derriere in black leather, we're willing to watch. We do know one thing: Pete Wentz might be annoying as shizz, but his wifey Ashlee Simpson can sure rock the tight, black leather...

Mama Ashlee Simpson Lets the Girls Hang Out

Aug 26th, 2009

She may be a mama, but she's a hot one at that. Jessica Simpson, who? Remember the days where Ashlee Simpson hid in her sister's shadow? Those days are SURE long and gone...

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