Pia Toscano Turns Down $50K And Turns It Into $100K

May 06th, 2011

And all because this girl is hot and can sing and bagged herself a famous professional dancer. Pia Toscano hasn't been around for like five minutes and she's already being offered tons of money to sing at private events. But $50K certainly won't do the job...

Pia Toscano Dumps Longtime Boyfriend For Mark Ballas

Apr 21st, 2011

Well talk about screwing over a person who supported you for years prior to your fame! Pia Toscano is quite a beotch if you ask me. After finding fame on American Idol and being shockingly eliminated early on, Pia started hitting up Dancing with the Stars professional dancer, Mark Ballas. Little did we know she had a longtime boyfriend back at home...

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