Ashley Greene: "Twilight End Is Like High School Graduation"

May 18th, 2011

Ashley Greene has become a household name due to her role as Alice Cullen in the hit franchise Twilight and with the films coming to an end, Ashley is preparing to say goodbye to the cast she's spent the last four years with...

Taylor Lautner Gives His Girlfriend A Promise Ring

Feb 23rd, 2011

Taylor Swift needs to stop wishing she could go Back to December to be with her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner again. According to reports, the Twilight star recently slipped a something something on his gal pal Lily Collins finger...

'Twilight' Hottie Ashley Greene Is A Stunner

Jun 25th, 2010

With just a week to go, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse had it's huge premiere in Los Angeles last night. Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart were certainly notable, but one can't help to check out supporting actress Ashley Greene prior to the event. It's safe to say she was hands down the hottest one in the franchise...

Who In The Hell Would Stalk Kristen Stewart?!

Jun 10th, 2010

...Unless you're one of the Volturi, of course. Apparently Kristen Stewart has a deranged admirer and while she's decided to not take it seriously, those close to the Twilight star are concerned about the disturbing letters and following her at events and her home...

America's Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, Swinging Three Guys At The Same Time?

Apr 15th, 2010

Sweethearts need love, too. According to The National Enquirer the You Belong To Me singer belongs to John Mayer, Cory Monteith, and Taylor Lautner. Not bad when it comes to taste, Tay-ness. Now that I think about it, dating Johnny Depp, Derek Jeter, and Justin Timberlake at the same time would be exhausting, but so worth it...

Taylor Lautner Is Max Steel!

Dec 05th, 2009

What we've all been waiting for, a chance to see Taylor Lautner's hot bod kick-ass without turning into a hairy beast...

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