Kim Kardashians wedding gifts.

Mar 06th, 2012

Kim K in trouble again! Can she do no right?

March 06th, 2012 by helga Tags: Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan Writes An Essay On Marilyn Monroe?

Oct 03rd, 2011

Because Lindsay Lohan really has this much time on her hands. We don't even know what to say about this. LiLo just wrote an essay for the just-released coffee table book on Marilyn Monroe, "Marilyn: Intimate Exposures". Read it for yourselves...

Kim Kardashian's Song Leaks...And My Ears Will Never Be The Same

Nov 05th, 2010

Kim Kardashian has been hanging with Kanye West (circa 2008) way too much. Remember the reports about Kim Kardashian making music? Unfortunately, it's true because a song she produced with The Dream has leaked. Ironically enough, the song is called Shake because that's what her a$$ does every second of the day when she walks. Check out the song here...


Dec 03rd, 2009

The Dream took to his Twitter page last night to rant and rave about not being nominated for a Grammy. In true celebrity fashion he feels that above any other album, his should have been listed...

December 03rd, 2009 by LilMama Tags: The Dream , Grammy Awards Kanye

Knockout Kim Kardashian Jumps In The Ring For A Good Cause

Nov 04th, 2009

Is there anything Kim Kardashian doesn't look good doing?

The sharp-shooter was joined by the rest of the Kardashian crew at the Commerce Casino for a fund raising event. The Kardashian Charity Knock Out raised money for the Dream Foundation by inviting brawlers to step in the ring--for a price. After watching a few episodes of their "hit" show on E!, no wonder there were more then a few takers...

Katie Holmes Filming Dancing Segment for "So You Think You Can Dance"

Jun 17th, 2009

Katie Holmes, dancing, and So You Think You Can Dance in the same sentence? Here we thought she was Tom Cruise's ultimate Stepford Wife. We guess he gave her the O.K.? Or maybe he knew he couldn't put his tapping shoes on so he wanted Katie to live the dream for him. Not many are fond of dancing leprechauns...

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