JWoww's Ex Claims She Stabbed Him

Apr 21st, 2011

In a way we'd like to believe that Jenni "JWoWW" Farley did not stab her ex, Tom Lippolis because, well, the dude could easily be using Jenni for additional minute of fame, but then again we've seen how Jenni gets violent when she fights. Anywho, Tom claims that during a drunken fight back when they were dating last year, Jenni stabbed him with a kitchen knife...

Jersey Shore's Jenni "JWoww" Farley Files Police Report Against Ex

Aug 13th, 2010

Jenni "JWoWW" Farley has filed a report against her recent former boyfriend, Tom Lippolis. Shizz hit the fan when Tom gave RadarOnline.com a photo of Jenni cheating on him at a club--oh and these two were engaged by the way. Jenni claims when she arrived to the home they both shared, many of her items were missing...

JWoww Cheats On Boyfriend At The Jersey Shore

Aug 06th, 2010

Guess we'll have to wait until season three of The Jersey Shore to really know what happened. Jenni "JWoWW" Farley was caught kissing on another man that wasn't her longtime beau, Tom Lippolis. He's pretty dumb anyway because she already cheated on him with Pauly D in season one...helloooo...

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