Lindsay Lohan Owes $600,000 In Credit Cards

Apr 19th, 2010

In the never ending saga that is Lindsay Lohan's life, the troubled starlet owes credit cards $600,000! Had this been seven years ago, we'd like to think she'd have no issue paying these cards off or just paying for everything in cash. Too bad she's let her life run off the track into a hole of addiction and debt...

Lindsay Lohan's Expanding Her Clothing Line...Why?

Apr 09th, 2010

Following her father's engagement, Lindsay Lohan thought it'd be a good idea to expand her line, 6126. Because trash leggings weren't enough, she's going to feature mini-dresses, sequined-hoodies, and oversized-cardigans. This is really just a guide on how-to-look-like-Lindsay-Lohan-while-intoxicated...

Lindsay Lohan Denied Club Entry

Apr 06th, 2010

Just another evening in the life of Lindsay Lohan. After blaming paparazzi for "pushing" her at Les Deux, Lohan headed on over to club Voyeur, where she was denied at door. Why, according to Lindsay? Because the club paid paparazzi and set her up to look like a "mess." Linds: no one has to pay anything to see you look like a "mess"...

Lindsay Lohan Goes Flying...Into The Ground

Mar 25th, 2010

When a celebrity's clumsy side is captured, I just have to post about it. Mainly because I'm a clumsy animal and on any given day you can find my butt permanently attached to the sidewalk. I can't really rule out that alcohol and/or drugs didn't play a part in Lindsay Lohan's fall outside a friends house a couple of nights ago, but.

80's Teen Idol, Corey Haim, Dead At 38 From Apparent Drug Overdose

Mar 10th, 2010

What a terrible tragedy. I remember being 3-years-old and dreaming of Corey Haim as my future hubbie. Sadly for all of you 80s obsessed pop culture kids out there like myself, Haim died early this morning in California. He lost his long struggle with drug addiction...

Hot Mess Of The Day---Take A Wild Guess

Feb 05th, 2010

Because why the hell not? Did you see the "amazing" special Inside Edition did with Lindsay Lohan? Celebrity hoarder? Hot mess, enough said. Enjoy these gorgeous, classic, tasteful photos...