Ashley Greene: "Twilight End Is Like High School Graduation"

May 18th, 2011

Ashley Greene has become a household name due to her role as Alice Cullen in the hit franchise Twilight and with the films coming to an end, Ashley is preparing to say goodbye to the cast she's spent the last four years with...

Ashley Greene's Hot Bikini Body

Aug 10th, 2010

Ashley Greene should consider wearing a bikini for a living. Home girl seriously is a show stopper with that body of hers. Kristen Stewart her? Someone give this chick more lines as Alice Cullen...preferably in a bikini...

Twilight's Ashley Greene Wears Short Shorts

Jul 28th, 2010

Ashley Greene has done a great job in whoring herself out in public these days. She's always in a very tight outfit. Whether it's spandex gym clothes or these short shorts, we can't say we don't mind. This gal is turning out to be the best thing about this whole Twilight Saga craziness...

Hot Girl Hump Day: Ashley Greene Puts Kristen Stewart To Shame

Jul 01st, 2010

Can we finally kick Kristen Stewart to the curb and start acknowledging the hottest Twilight-er of them all? Miss Ashley Greene, best known as Alice Cullen, looked quite stunning at the MMVA's a couple of weeks ago. You really can't disagree, can you?...

Ashley Greene's Girl-On-Girl 'H Magazine' Photo Shoot

Apr 21st, 2010

I have to say that Ashley Greene totally beats Kristen Stewart when it comes to promoting herself. I see Alice Cullen's face in magazines more than I do Bella Swan's. Ashley did a photo shoot for H Magazine with co-Twilight-er, Rachelle Lefevre. Unfortunately for her, she was replaced as vampiress Victoria with Ron Howard's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard. Yeah, we think it's a stupid move, too...

Ashley Greene Keeps The Sexy Pics Coming, Hot On 'MAXIM'

Nov 12th, 2009

Why, hello Ashley Greene. Aren't you just becoming our favorite IT girl of the moment. Kristen Stewart, who? We don't know about Bella Swan anymore...Alice Cullen pretty much has stolen her hearts...

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