Mischa Barton Looks Like Cold Oatmeal In Her Bathing Suit

Oct 20th, 2009

When she's not snorting coke off her BFFL's thigh in the boy's bathroom or sucking her way up to a made-for-TV role, you can find Mischa Barton on the beach looking like cold oatmeal in her bathing suit...

Kevin Federline: From K-Fed to K-Fed-Himself-to-Fat

Sep 03rd, 2009

Although Kevin Federline is far from our cup o' tea, we will give Britney Spears credit for having him when he was fit and in shape. Unfortunately, those days are long gone and being a parent has taken a toll on this once fit dancer. If you're looking for an autograph from this guy (although we don't understand why you would) you can probably find him in any LA grocery down the Twinkie aisle...

Mickey Rourke's Purple Leather Skin Scares the Bejesus Out Of Us

Aug 25th, 2009

Note to self: this is not what I want to look like in 15 years. It's safe to say that Mickey Rourke's purple leather clad bod has made us a little sick after lunch today. Yes, the mug is scary, but this whole scenario gives us a little fright...

Jack Nicholson Has Moobs and A Hot Girlfriend

Aug 14th, 2009

Back in the day, Jack Nicholson was a fine piece of ace. You could say over the years he started to age, things started to sag, but he still kept the swagger and charm. And that swagger and charm (plus a nick penny pocket) must be working real well for him to look like that and have such a hot girlfriend...

August 14th, 2009 by BlondieeWood Tags: Jack Nicholson

Stephanie Pratt Wears A Bikini, Gives Us the Definition of Butterface

Jul 02nd, 2009

We'll never put the term celebrity next to any Pratt, but since Stephanie Pratt looks like she can pull off a bikini...why not? We never say no to anyone who looks good in a bathing suit...

Kelly Brook Has a Sand Powered Vagina

Jan 05th, 2009

In order to understand the title of this post correctly, you'll need to take a second look at the picture above. Kelly Brook spent the weekend at the beach to celebrate the New Year and a bright green bathing suit, along side boyfriend Danny Cipriani. The two frolicked along the sandy dunes of St. Lucia...

January 05th, 2009 by admin Tags: Kelly Brook, beach, St. Lucia boyfriend
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