Paris Hilton Being Sued For $35 Million

Aug 13th, 2010

All because Paris Hilton decided to wear a competitor's hair extensions. Since becoming the spokesperson for Hairtech International's Dream Catcher hair extension line back in 2007, a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles claims the heiress has received $3.5 million from the company. BUT the company claims Paris did not hold her end up when she chose to wear someone else's hair extensions...

Million Dollar Man Gets Sued

Aug 16th, 2009

He pulled a Beyonce and claimed production credits for a song that wasn't his...

August 16th, 2009 by LilMama Tags: P Diddy , Day 26 , sued contract

Miss California Carrie Prejean Fired, Loses Crown

Jun 10th, 2009

And this is what happens to you when you're close minded, Miss California :) Less than a month after Donald Trump told Carrie Prejean he would be keeping her as rep of California, Prejean has been fired...

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