Fergie Is Still Scary

May 26th, 2010

Does Fergie wear all of this attracting garbage to keep everyone from staring in to her mug? One can only assume so. And note to the Fergs, it still doesn't help. We think if she just tamed it down a bit, she'd be MUCH better looking all around...

'True Blood's' Butterface, Anna Paquin, Swims With A Shirt On?

Sep 29th, 2009

The girl is practically naked on screen every moment she gets on True Blood, but yet hides her best feature at the beach. She manages to show off her worst (those awful teeth) and I'm left wondering why home girl would hide the hot bod and showcase the narrrrsty teefs...

The Many Looks of Lady Gaga, Cover Your Eyes

Sep 15th, 2009

The ultimate definition of a butterface: Lady Gaga. We must applaud her PR team. In order to take away from her rather less than pleasant mug, they dress her up in ridiculous costumes to make our eyes wander the beautiful presence of her tight bod. Which is exactly what they got on point for the MTV VMAs...

Fergie Wears A Bikini, Definition of Butterface

Sep 05th, 2009

Fergie snabbed one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, Josh Duhamel, and aside from the bod, we don't know what else could have enticed him. A hot bod can only work for so long until you're forced to wake up to something that looks like that everyday...

September 05th, 2009 by BlondieeWood Tags: Fergie , butterface, bikini beach

The Day in the Life of Stephanie Pratt: Fake Acting and Wearing A Bikini

Sep 05th, 2009

She might be a butterface, but Stephanie Pratt can sure pull off wearing a bikini. Here's Spencer Pratt's mooching sister filming a scene for The Hills...

Lisa Rinna: The Life & Times of a Butterface Part II

Jul 29th, 2009

It seems as though Lisa Rinna and her never ending bikini parade has been a big hit on our site. We're not sure if it's because some people find her oddly attractive or that they agree with us about the best butterface in town. Either way, looks as though Rinna had to turn it around this week because last time we saw her, she had a wonk body if we ever saw one...

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