Jon Gosselin Gets Fired By TLC, No Longer A Part of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'

Sep 30th, 2009

Jon Gosselin's 15 minutes are up! Looks like Kate Gosselin's going to have to hold the eight all by her lonesome. TLC has given Jon the boot from Jon & Kate Plus 8. Expendable? We think yes! Looks like working and partying with Christian Audigier and rocking the Ed Hardy doesn't always pay off...

Jon Gosselin Is Christian Audigier's Newest Protege for Ed Hardy

Jul 13th, 2009

Jon Gosselin a famewhore? No never! He'd use his 15 minutes for charity or something productive, right? Well, now he's got Kate Gosselin by the balls with his latest project. Working for Christian Audigier! We can hear Kate's cringing as she falls over in the fetal position in pure jealousy...

Miley Cyrus Licks Her Chops as Boyfriend Models Underwear

Oct 18th, 2008

Miley Cyrus attended Christian Audigier’s fashion show this week and sat almost close enough to lick her boyfriend, Justin Gaston. Miley licked her chops but restrained herself from pouncing onto the underwear model...

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