Marisa Miller Gets Groped, That's Title Enough

Feb 02nd, 2010

Listen, I'm all about dudes. But I know a ridiculously gorgeous woman when I see one. Marisa Miller happens to be one. Basically that whole group of Victoria's Secret chicks are (although most of them need to keep their yaps shut to secure the hotness), so me being the nice girl I am decided to give you guys (and gals) a treat...

Amy Winehouse's Dad Talks About Her Leaky Rack, Ummm...?

Nov 26th, 2009

We already know Amy Winehouse is as far from normal as humanly possible. We also hear she's thrown her drug addiction for a new love: plastic surgery. But oops, looks like Amy's choice in doctors didn't benefit her. According to her papa, she had one leaky of a rack. Calling Joe Simpson?...

Are Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Friends With Benefits?

Nov 13th, 2009

Not too sure what to think of this story. Duh, obviously when you're Justin Timberlake you wanna be able to bang every blonde, red, and brunette head in sight. For guys like him, friends with benefits do exist. But does it exist with girl you've dated for years after the fact you've, uh, dated? Oh, Jessica Biel...

What Happens When You Google A Stripper: The Downfall of Duhamel.

Nov 09th, 2009

If you Google the name Nicole Forrester, the d-list Atlanta stripper isn't the only image to pop up. Sucks even more to be Josh Duhamel...

November 09th, 2009 by CelebObsessed Tags: Josh Duhamel, Fergie stripper

Weathering The $tripper Storm

Nov 05th, 2009

They must really be trying to prove a point. After being publicly bashed for reported rumors of sleeping with a $tripper, Josh was on his best behavior Tuesday night while out to dinner in ATL with Fergie...

November 05th, 2009 by CelebObsessed Tags: Fergie , Josh Duhamel $trippers

Gwyneth Is A Goddess. Don't You Forget That Chirs Martin.

Nov 04th, 2009

Will a tangled love song about the tribulations of marriage and temptations of a younger blonde be inspiration for the next Coldplay album??? Let's hope not because Gwyneth is a Goddess and REALITY CHECK Chris Martin: no one could ever compare. Not even mismatch eyed beauties...