Spice Girls Musical Viva Forever opens to keen crowds and unimpressed critics

Dec 23rd, 2012

Viva Forever (the musical based on the Spice Girls hits) opened in London's Piccadilly Theatre last week. The musical, written by Jennifer Saunders (of Absolutely Fabulous) and Judy Craymer (responsible for Mamma Mia) was well received by the audience, who reportedly danced in the aisles, but critics were less impressed with reactions ranging from cool to outright negative.

RiRi and Brown struggling to keep their hands off each other...

Oct 03rd, 2012

After months of speculation over the stars re-uniting, it would seem RiRi can't keep her hands of Chris Brown (and the feeling is quite mutual).

October 03rd, 2012 by EmilyM Tags: Chris Brown, Rihanna

Lindsay Lohan Assaulted A Betty Ford Staffer?

Dec 22nd, 2010

It was only a matter of time until Lindsay Lohan was involved in something ridiculous when it comes to rehab. Word on the street is that Miss Lohan got into a scuffle with a Betty Ford staffer. Lindsay has since denied this, but sources close to the star said she simply pushed back when a staffer approached her...

Tish Cyrus Really Loved Being A Cheater

Nov 16th, 2010

First it was the Bret Michaels rumors and now shizz is about to hit the fan for Tish Cyrus. While those two denied any rumors of cheating, a friend of Tish ran to the media to spill some secrets and called her a "very neglected wife." Something tells us Billy Ray Cyrus was always more concerned with grooming his mullet...

Wilmer Valderrama Banging 18-Year-Old Demi Lovato?

Nov 10th, 2010

Wilmer Valderrama certainly has a way with the ladies when it comes to them being prepubescent. Okay, so Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, and now Demi Lovato may have been 18-years-old when they dated him, but this guy really loves the young ones. According to the New York Post, Wilmer scooped up the now seeking treatment, Demi Lovato after she broke up with Joe Jonas...

Angelina Jolie May Get The Film Permit In Bosnia

Oct 18th, 2010

Listen, when we heard an entire country didn't want Angelina Jolie there filming, we were a little surprised. Don't they want to be adopted? Anywho, Angelina and her clan is in Bosnia where she's been seeking a permit to film her new flick. Well, they basically denied her and she's not going down without a fight...