Japan Detains Paris Hilton For 6 Hours

Sep 22nd, 2010

When she's not getting detained in South Africa or arrested in California, she's being detained by Japan. According to sources, Hilton flew to the country on business and was questioned by immigration authorities once she got off the plane...

Paris Hilton Likes The Marijuana

Jul 20th, 2010

Paris Hilton + overseas + smoking weed = not a good idea. In just two weeks, the heiress has been detained overseas due to her love of weed. Although it never lasted long enough for us to speculate the ladies tappin' that arse, Paris surely makes it easy for all of us to see her favorite sport: sucking on a foreign substance...

Leona Lewis In 'Horrible Shock' After Attack In London Store Signing

Oct 16th, 2009

While we're always the kind of people to poke fun at things, we do have a limit. And some guy in London just hit that limit when he hit Leona Lewis during her store signing at Waterstone's outlet in London's Piccadilly neighborhood. The Bleeding Love singer was caught off guard when she was punched in the head while signing copies of her recently released autobiography "Dreams"...

Police Called to Assist Mischa Barton With A 'Medical Issue'

Jul 16th, 2009

Just another day in the life of a once actress turned coke bloat. In the never ending saga of Mischa Barton's life, police were called on Wednesday to assist the dead beat with a 'medical issue.' Yeah, it's called Dr. Pepper and coke shots usually don't mesh well together...

Chris Brown Arrested for Beating up Rihanna!

Feb 09th, 2009

Chris Brown has been booked under suspicion of making felony criminal threats in regards to his girlfriend, Rihanna. The couple got into a heated argument around 12:30am, got out of the vehicle and the incident escalated. Brown is being detained and questioned on an alleged domestic violence assault. Holy crayola!

Brown and Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, were apparently in a car together and got into an argument on North June Street, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement. Brown stopped the car, the two got out, and the argument escalated, according to police.

A witness called 911, but Brown was gone when officers arrived at the scene. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, according to police. (source)

Chris Brown's life, relationship and career are in a complete standstill until more information is uncovered about the recent situation...

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