Are Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler Back Together?

Oct 04th, 2011

Well, uh, okay. Kristin Cavallari claims she's not back together with her ex-fiance Jay Cutler, but something tells us different. The Bears quarterback was in the audience at Dancing With the Stars supporting his former flame. Oh and then they were holding hands today. So, uh, are ya back together Kris or what?...

Pam Anderson's Suing Her Ex-Boyfriend

Feb 18th, 2011

Note to any dude who is even considering dating Pamela Anderson: don't mess with her and make sure you keep your promises. Unfortunately for Laurence Hallier, a real estate tycoon who dated the actress in 2006, he didn't keep his promises...

Jake Gyllenhaal's Hittin' Rachel Bilson

Sep 15th, 2010

Move over Reese Witherspoon & Hayden Christensen, your exes have moved on to each other! According to a few Hollywood sources, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Bilson are apparently doing the nasty. Although they have yet to be publicly spotted, looks like these two are keeping a low profile...

Denise Richards Back With Richie Sambora?

Jun 15th, 2010

While her ex-hubby Charlie Sheen's life is going down the tube, Denise Richards has decided to rev up her romance again with Bon Jovi rocker, Richie Sambora. The actress dated Sambora briefly in 2006 after his split from wifey (and her ex-bestie) Heather Locklear...

Audrina Patridge Kicks That Cabrera Douche To The Curb

May 24th, 2010

Perhaps she was getting sick of everyone complaining about her boyfriend's hair every time they sat in front of someone at the movie theater. Reality ho Audrina Patridge has ended her faux reality relationship with Ryan Cabrera. You know, the dude who had like one hit song and dated Ashlee Simpson to make himself more relevant. Apparently clinging on to a dumb reality star was supposed to help him as well. Not everything always works out...

Jessica Simpson's Run In With Ex Tony Romo & New Girlfriend

May 06th, 2010

Jessica Simpson had a run in with ex Tony Romo and his new girlfriend, Candice Crawford at the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg after-party at the French Ambassador's residence last weekend. Contrary to reports, many said the run in was far from awkward, but rather cordial...

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