Paris Hilton Being Sued For $35 Million

Aug 13th, 2010

All because Paris Hilton decided to wear a competitor's hair extensions. Since becoming the spokesperson for Hairtech International's Dream Catcher hair extension line back in 2007, a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles claims the heiress has received $3.5 million from the company. BUT the company claims Paris did not hold her end up when she chose to wear someone else's hair extensions...

Britney Spears Back To Her Old Ways

May 29th, 2010

Need I say more? Britney Spears is totally disappointing me lately. I know she's a mom, I know her dad pretty much owns her life, but can't home girl get a decent stylist? I honestly think she'd feel a whole lot better about herself because sorry, but no one feels good about themselves when they look like that and Subway is their best friend...

EXCLUSIVE!: Kate Gosselin @ High End NYC Salon Right NOW!

Feb 05th, 2010

That's right, Miss Kate Gosselin strolled off the elevator looking as glam as possible. Should I mention she's GORGEOUS in person? Certainly not the image they give off on TV...she looks exactly like a celebrity. Kate walked in with her new glam extensions, short skirt, and high heels looking quite amazing...

February 05th, 2010 by BlondieeWood Tags: Kate Gosselin, gorgeous t
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