Justin Bieber Wants To Visit The Playboy Mansion

Feb 28th, 2011

Ah, every teenage boy's dream: to visit the Playboy Mansion. And since Justin Bieber is not your everyday teen and basically gets to do as he pleases, he figures a nice father son day should be spent around big fake boobs and platinum dyed hair...

J-Woww Wants Her Nudie Photos Back

Dec 14th, 2010

Jenni "JWoWW" Farley is desperately trying to clean up her image if you ask us, but her ex boyfriend Thomas Lippolis may be the one to put a detour in that route. TMZ learned that weeks before Jenni's ex/former business manager sued her for allegedly stiffing him out of some deals, her lawyer sent him a letter explaining a "final payment" was in the works for him. A nice chunk of change in fact: $350,000. But her lawyer also states in the letter that Jenni says he has some incriminating photos of her...

Pamela Anderson Stripping Down For 'Playboy' Magazine

Oct 26th, 2010

Pamela Anderson still has it in her, we guess. The buxom blonde has stripped down for her 11th Playboy cover and the world again gets to see her now aged fake rack. We're praying our eyes somehow make it through flipping the pages when it hits stores...

Nightly Treat: Audrina Patridge

Oct 21st, 2010

Nothing like a pair of fake boobs dancing around in scantily clad outfits...so enjoy Audrina Patridge for tonight!...

Jenni "JWoWW" Is A Skinny Minny

Sep 28th, 2010

Is it us or did Jenni "JWoWW" Farley totally drop 15 LBS? The already thin Jersey Shore looked like she should have been fed five hamburgers stat during a party she hosted in Las Vegas. And we get it. These people LOVE to tan, but my gal, that ain't tan. That's orange...

Heidi Montag's Boobs Are Still Out & About

Sep 16th, 2010

The pictures speak for themselves. Heidi Montag was able to find the same seamstress to turn another bed sheet into a bikini top. Fortunately for the world, she did not have another almost nipple show. God only knows what those puppies look like after all that they've endured...

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