Miley shows us what she's got... Not sure if anyone wants it though...?

Aug 28th, 2013

We can just imagine the conversation between Miley Cyrus and the MTV VMA producers 'I want to shed my 'little girl' image'... 'Well Miley, you could prove your maturity singing a great song really well and showing some staying power in the business'... 'Or I could strip down to my knickers, put a giant hand on and dance around in front of an audience of millions grinding against Robin Thicke and gesticulating at my lady bits wildly'... 'Ok, good idea'...

August 28th, 2013 by EmilyM Tags: Miley Cyrus

Britney Spears Personal Affairs

Apr 04th, 2012

It would seem that Britney Spears soon to be husband, Jason Trawick, may be after a little more from this relationship than he has been making out and it looks like he may have got what he came for.

April 04th, 2012 by helga Tags: Britney Spears

Halle Berry engaged.

Mar 12th, 2012

Halle Berry engaged.

March 12th, 2012 by helga Tags: Halle Berry

Jessica Simpson fit to burst

Feb 28th, 2012

Pictures of Jessica Simpson and her mountain of a bump have us wondering, could it be any day now?

February 28th, 2012 by helga Tags: Jessica Simpson

Feb 12th, 2012

Kristen Cavallari’s Baby Bump!

February 12th, 2012 by helga Tags: Kristin Cavallari

Are Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler Back Together?

Oct 04th, 2011

Well, uh, okay. Kristin Cavallari claims she's not back together with her ex-fiance Jay Cutler, but something tells us different. The Bears quarterback was in the audience at Dancing With the Stars supporting his former flame. Oh and then they were holding hands today. So, uh, are ya back together Kris or what?...