Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Be On "GLEE"

May 19th, 2011

With Vanessa Hudgens claim to fame being the High School Musical franchise, it's not hard to picture her on the hit Fox series Glee. In fact, the sultry brunette says she would totally be up for a role on the show...

Ashley Greene: "Twilight End Is Like High School Graduation"

May 18th, 2011

Ashley Greene has become a household name due to her role as Alice Cullen in the hit franchise Twilight and with the films coming to an end, Ashley is preparing to say goodbye to the cast she's spent the last four years with...

Daniel Radcliffe Is Loaded

May 16th, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe can seriously quit working and never work again a day in his life. The Harry Potter star has been named the richest actor under age 30! Not too bad, kid!...

Minka Kelly In Negotiations To Be In The Next "Charlie's Angels"

Jan 28th, 2011

Who knew Minka Kelly would make something out of her lackluster career? Everyone basically knows her as Derek Jeter's girlfriend. Anywho, word on the street is that Minka in negotiations to star in the next Charlie's Angels flick...a reboot of the franchise for television...

Zac Efron Models His Career Choices After Advice From Leonardo DiCaprio

Nov 30th, 2010

Zac Efron has it all. Talented, hot, rich--but when it comes to choosing his roles, Zac follows advice from Leonardo DiCaprio. According to sources, Zac has made some tough decisions based on conversations he's had with Leo. Zac was once up for the role of Superman, but Leo suggested him to pass...

Emma Watson's Topless Photos Are Being Circulated Around Brown University

Nov 15th, 2010

Yikes! Even though she's trying her hand at a normal college life by studying at Brown University, even Ivy Leagues have perverts. And unfortunately for Emma, topless photos of the 20-year-old Harry Potter actress are making their rounds at her university...

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