George Clooney Meets The Parents

Sep 28th, 2010

Looks like things are getting serious for the eternal bachelor George Clooney. Perhaps he won't be so eternal anymore. George and his gal pal Elisabetta Canalis took a recent trip to her parents' home in could it be that the two are in fact engaged?...

George Clooney's Flasks It Up On The Red Carpet, Stands For Sandra Bullock But Not Mo'Nique

Mar 09th, 2010

If you were watching the Oscars on Sunday, you may have noticed George Clooney looking like a sourpuss every time the camera zoomed in on his face. And why did he stand for Sandra Bullock when she won, but not for Mo'Nique? What you may not have known is that Mr. Clooney was probably drunk. Before entering the awards, Clooney was seen enjoying his flask on the red carpet...

George Clooney Sells His Italian Paparazzi Infested Villa

Mar 02nd, 2010

Poor George Clooney the millionaire. Looks like the star can't take all of the paparazzi outside of his $8 million Italian Villa. And who's looking to buy from him? Mr. David Beckham and fam. At least David won't have to worry about buying food since Victoria Beckham can barely swallow a pea...

George Clooney Wined & Dined Madonna After Guy Ritchie Break Up

Dec 23rd, 2009

Looks like George Clooney got a taste of Madonna last year right after she called it quits with hubby, Guy Ritchie. And it looks like that taste was a bit sour as Georgie boy was none too pleased with the Queen of Pop...

Cindy Crawford & Hubby Shack Up With George Clooney And Girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis In Los Cabos

Dec 02nd, 2009

Hi, party of hot? That's basically what it was at George Clooney's Los Cabos home over the weekend. Not only is the guy screwing Elisabetta Canalis (please see photos), but he's good friends with former super model, Cindy Crawford. Sure, she's married, but he still gets to look...

George Clooney Got With Nancy O'Dell

Oct 09th, 2009

Looks like we all should become TV hosts! It only takes that much to bed one of the hottest movie stars---George Clooney. When it comes to Nancy O'Dell bia admitted to dating the super star when she was single. Note that she made sure to say "single" which means she was humping Clooney on the side...

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