Tina Turner shows us how it's done - again!

Jul 31st, 2013

Tina Turner has wed long time partner Erwin Bach in Switzerland (after a mere 27 years of dating). Looking as glamorous as we would expect in a sparkling green and black Armani frock - Turner wed her beau in style with ladies requested to wear white and men in black tie. Turning the average wedding on its head, Tina topped the look with a mega watt smile showing that at 73 there is plenty of life to be lived!

July 31st, 2013 by EmilyM Tags: Tina Fey

Hayden Panettiere's Beer Is Bigger Than She Is

Sep 29th, 2010

Hayden Panettiere is perhaps the shortest person in Hollywod...and no we're not counting Snooki. It's not so much that we're worried her arm is about to break off holding that huge beer in Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest, but we're more so worried about this giant sized dude she's dating. How...does...that...even...work?...

Kim Kardashian's Boobs Do Oktoberfest

Sep 24th, 2010

Pretty sure Kim Kardashian's got the minds of many lonely men running. Seems to us it'd be a fantasy come true in this outfit anyway. Well, on another useless day of doing nothing, Kim Kardashian and her lady lumps attended Oktoberfest. Who needs beer when you have a whole lot of boobs?...

Chris Brown Denied Entry For Being Violent

Jun 10th, 2010

Man, even this whole Chris Brown and Rihanna incident got Great Britain up in arms. So much that the country denied Chris entry due to his violent outburst back in February 2009. With at least three scheduled stops in the UK, this obviously isn't a good thing for Chris who's desperately trying to revive his career...

Will Smith Wants To Be President Will Smith

Feb 04th, 2010

Possibly a nice publicity tactic to one day portray President Barack Obama in a story of his life, Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed her hubby, Will Smith, is considering moving into politics with his sights set on the top prize. Unfortunately this is not the plot to his next flick...

Leona Lewis In 'Horrible Shock' After Attack In London Store Signing

Oct 16th, 2009

While we're always the kind of people to poke fun at things, we do have a limit. And some guy in London just hit that limit when he hit Leona Lewis during her store signing at Waterstone's outlet in London's Piccadilly neighborhood. The Bleeding Love singer was caught off guard when she was punched in the head while signing copies of her recently released autobiography "Dreams"...

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