Are Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together?

May 26th, 2011

Could Chris Brown and Rihanna in fact be back together? According to a newspaper in the U.K., they're claiming so! Ever since Rihanna lifted the restraining order off of Chris in February in time for the Grammys, the paper is claiming the two have met up twice since...

Christina Aguilera Gets Grilled By Matt Lauer On "Today"

May 18th, 2011

Matt Lauer never lets anyone off the hook easy when he interviews them on The Today Show. Christina Aguilera was no exception on Tuesday morning. So what wasn't off topic? Her public intoxication, her National Anthem flub, her fall at the Grammys, and her overall hot mess state...

Lady Gaga Was Stuck In That Egg For Three Days

Feb 18th, 2011

If you watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday then you saw Lady GaGa's ridiculousness. Yes, we've finally had it with her "creativity" and being "different." She showed up in a plastic egg. And for all of you wondering out there, she wasn't in that egg for five minutes right before the carpet, she hung around in there for 72 hours...

Grammy Looks: J. Lo's Disco Ball

Feb 15th, 2011

She may be one of the oldest broads on the carpet, but Jennifer Lopez has still got it. And we still don't understand how Marc Anthony still has her...or has her in the first place?!...

Grammy Looks: Selena Gomez's Grown Up Look

Feb 14th, 2011

Justin Bieber sure knows how to pick 'em. Selena Gomez showed up to the Grammy's looking like this...a gorgeous, stunning, hot broad whom Bieber gets to kiss (we're keeping it PG) every night...

Grammy Looks: Rihanna's See Through Dress

Feb 14th, 2011

Nothing really says skank dress like Rihanna's Grammy one! The kool-aid head singer really took out the heavy artillery when it came to picking out her dress. And aside from rubbing up on Drake during their What's My Name? performance, we're pretty sure her dress alone got him boiling...

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