Chris Brown Receives Death Threats

Jun 11th, 2009

You mess with Rihanna, you basically mess with the crazies. Chris Brown may be in fear of heading to jail if the judge convicts him, but he may have something else to worry about in the mean time. According to reports, authorities believe that the many death threats the once golden boy is receiving are too legit—too legit to quit. Some of the threats include the assassin posing as paparazzi...

Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty, Kiss Kiss Career Goodbye

Apr 07th, 2009

We're surprised Chris Brown didn't beat the crap out of Judge Patricia Schnegg after entering his "not guilty" plea today at the Los Angeles County Court. Brown entered the court room in an black striped suit, pants and tie - he wanted his attire to match the color...

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The Juice is Found Guilty, Not Worth the Squeeze

Oct 06th, 2008

Thirteen unlucky years after he was aquitted for the murder of his wife, Nicole, O.J. Simpson has been found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. Was the Juice worth the squeeze? Well in football terms...

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