Did Haley Glassman Ransack Jon Gosselin's NYC Apartment?

Dec 28th, 2009

That's what you get for a middle aged crisis and dating 20-something white trash females. Looks like Jon Gosselin got himself a nice Christmas present this weekend. Word on the street is that his former, much younger girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, ransacked his NYC apartment...

Jon Gosselin Wasn't Hugged Enough As A Child

Nov 03rd, 2009

How much lower can Jon Gosselin really stoop? After leaving his offspring of 8 for sorostitute Hailey Glassman, he has continued to reach stardom by apparently having Hailey stage abuse claims. But oh wait...it gets better! Jon is also "in the works" (whatever that means) for a million dollar reality show with Octomom Angelina-wannabe, Nadya Suleman...

'Star' Magazine Reporter, Kate Major, Resigns After Romancing Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Cries

Jul 24th, 2009

Move over Hailey Glassman, looks like Jon Gosselin has a new Kate in his life. Add another stupid girl into this guy's life. He must be packing heat because an overweight guy with bad hair plugs and style doesn't just get girls lining up for him. Oh who are we kidding. Needless to say current girlfriend Hailey Glassman, 22, was surprised to learn that her supposed beau had been romancing former Star magazine reporter, Kate Major, 26 who just gave up her job for joN...

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