J.Lo's Toyboy Rocked by Rumor

Aug 06th, 2012

We have to feel for J.Lo. She seems to have worldwide fans of men who love her and women who want to be her and yet, her love life is constantly being hit by rumor and scandal...

And here's another one.

August 06th, 2012 by EmilyM Tags: Jennifer Lopez

Is Selena Gomez Jealous Over Justin Bieber's Interest In Pippa Middleton?

Jun 10th, 2011

Newest rumor in the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez saga? Selena is "green with envy" over Justin's supposed interest in royal sister-in-law, Pippa Middleton. Word on the street, as we reported, is that Bieber recently signed a million dollar deal to work on a project with Pippa's family company Party Pieces and Selena is none too pleased...

Pippa Middleton Apologizes To Sister Kate Middleton?

Jun 02nd, 2011

Fact: Kate Middleton is gorgeous. Fact: so if her sister Pippa Middleton. And as you are all aware, Pippa pretty much stole the spotlight on Kate's big wedding day with her body hugging dress that had guys panting around the world thus leading the world to watch her every move instead of Kate's...

Tony Parker Jealous Over Eva Longoria's Relationship With Mario Lopez

Dec 16th, 2010

And here I thought every guy believed Mario Lopez to be a secret gay. Well, his close relationship with Eva Longoria may have been part of the reason she and Tony Parker called it quits. According to sources, the basketball star was said to be very jealous over Eva's friendship with the former AC Slater...

Sofia Vergara's Dating A Married Man

Nov 01st, 2010

Sofia Vergara is technically dating a cheater. The Modern Family star sure must be surprised with this news. According to reports, her on-again, off-again trust-fund heir Nick Loeb is still married to his wife and is secretly refusing to end their marriage. While Sofia is aware that he is still married, Loeb apparently promised her that he's going to get a divorce...

Khloe Kardashian Denies Jealous Fight Over Lamar Odom

Aug 20th, 2010

Khloe Kardashian found it necessary to go on the record and chat about a little rumor that's been floating around this week. Rumor has it that Khloe stormed out of a club when Lamar Odom was caught chatting it up with other women. Well, we can all rest easy tonight because it was, like, totally, like, not true!...

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