JWoww's Ex Claims She Stabbed Him

Apr 21st, 2011

In a way we'd like to believe that Jenni "JWoWW" Farley did not stab her ex, Tom Lippolis because, well, the dude could easily be using Jenni for additional minute of fame, but then again we've seen how Jenni gets violent when she fights. Anywho, Tom claims that during a drunken fight back when they were dating last year, Jenni stabbed him with a kitchen knife...

Taylor Swift Puts John Mayer On Blast

Oct 19th, 2010

Ouch. Maybe the rumors of John Mayer and Taylor Swift dating were true. In her third album, Speak Now, Taylor penned a song named Dear John and let's just say the lyrics definitely do speak for themselves--well, that's what Taylor says anyway!...

Jerry Seinfeld Hates You, Lady GaGa

Jun 23rd, 2010

You have one more person your "This-Celebrity-Hates-Me" list, Lady GaGa. Turns out Jerry Seinfeld hates the way you present yourself and doesn't like the fact you hung out in his Yankee box that he pays for. Jerry wasn't so shy letting all of his feelings out about the crazy singer. Make no mistake, GaGa certainly won't be reffing on his marriage show any time soon...

January Jones Causes A Crazy Wreck, But Can't Handle The 'Commotion' And Flees

Jun 11th, 2010

January Jones is just too good for commotion. You know, especially when she's the one causing it. The Mad Men star cause quite a ruckus two nights ago when she allegedly lost control of her car, hit other cars, and caused some major damage. An eyewitness on the scene reported the accident and claimed Jones fled on foot after saying "I can't deal with this commotion"...

Adrian Grenier & His Real Life 'Entourage' Are A Bunch Of Jerks

Apr 22nd, 2010

If you thought Vincent Chase on Entourage was full of himself, get a load of the guy who plays him. Adrian Grenier and his real life entourage were in NYC last week, strolling around, looking to complete their doucheful deed of the week. Luckily for a bunch of girls at hotspot Amnesia, they got to witness it first hand...

Jesse James: His Multiple Mistresses, Phone Sex With Ex Wife & Sexual Harassment

Mar 25th, 2010

Sandra Bullock returned to a quite a mess when she arrived home in Los Angeles. This is the first time the Oscar winning actress has been in La La Land since her husband's cheating allegations. So let me break all of this down for you bit by bit because from his wife talking away to a new mistress speaking up to a former employee claiming sexual harassment, you could say there's a lot on our plates...

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