Halle Berry Does Not Like Kim Kardashian

Feb 07th, 2011

Gabriel Aubry downgraded when he decided to start hanging out with Kim Kardashian. This is the guy who dated Halle Berry for a while and even had a baby with her. Well, when Halle saw that Gabriel was out and about with the reality star, Halle was far from happy...

Lindsay Lohan's A Football Kinda Gal

Jan 10th, 2011

Has Lindsay Lohan taken her drug addiction and turned it into a basketball addiction? Okay, well she only went to one game to see the Knicks play the Lakers, but at least she's doing something healthy and we can't say she looks all that bad. Keep it going Lindz!...

Um, Chris Brown Someone Caught You Peeing Outside

Jan 10th, 2011

We guess this is good publicity considering what the guy's been known for in the past. Anywho, after Chris Brown attended the Lakers/Knicks game in Los Angeles the other night, Chris opted to peace out of the Staples Center-without hitting the bathroom-and went straight for some bushes instead. Poor nature...

Kim Kardashian Gets Halle Berry's Leftovers

Nov 23rd, 2010

We sincerely hope that every guy who bangs out Kim Kardashian immediately goes for a check up after. Seriously this girl fits more men in her va-jay than the Chrysler Building can. But kudos to her. At least this time it's someone worth mentioning...mainly because he has a kid with Halle Berry...

Miles Austin Used Kim Kardashian

Sep 28th, 2010

Considering Kim Kardashian made Reggie Bush a nice house hold name (okay, okay all you sports buffs, he was TOTALLY famous before her), Miles Austin wanted to follow suit...or so that's what Us Weekly is claiming. A source claims Miles is cool with the break up because dating her still put him in the public eye...

Joe Jonas Impresses The Ladies With A Weiner & A Soda

Jul 01st, 2010

If Joe Jonas were a 16-year-old boy, this story might be adorable. Joe decided to flirt with a mystery blonde gal at the Lakers vs. Suns game (obviously before the championship games) by sending her a weiner and a soda. Looks like he knows a way to a gal's heart...

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