George Lopez Not Welcoming Conan O'Brien With Open Arms?

Apr 21st, 2010

Things aren't going so swimmingly as we thought when it comes to George Lopez and Conan O'Brien sharing TBS late night together. As first reported, Lopez was said to be ecstatic about moving to the midnight spot and letting O'Brien open at 11 p.m. It seems all is not well in the mind of Lopez...

NBC Screws Over Conan O'Brien, He Releases Quite The Statement

Jan 13th, 2010

WTG NBC! Way to publicly humiliate one of the funniest guy's Late Night has ever had the privilege of showcasing. Okay so maybe I'm biased because I love Conan O'Brien oh so dearly, but really NBC? Is it really cool to put Conan on the back burner 30 minutes late to accommodate Jay Leno crap? It's okay though, folks. Conan's not going down without a fight. Read his lengthy public statement after the jump...

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