Nicolette Sheridan Sues Creator Of 'Desperate Housewives' Over Physical Violence

Apr 07th, 2010

Looks like we know where they get the inspiration for cat fights on Desperate Housewives. The show's creator, Marc Cherry, likes to hit his stars...or so claims Nicolette Sheridan. The actress is suing Cherry for more than $20 million claiming the creator became violent on set many a times...

Jesse James: His Multiple Mistresses, Phone Sex With Ex Wife & Sexual Harassment

Mar 25th, 2010

Sandra Bullock returned to a quite a mess when she arrived home in Los Angeles. This is the first time the Oscar winning actress has been in La La Land since her husband's cheating allegations. So let me break all of this down for you bit by bit because from his wife talking away to a new mistress speaking up to a former employee claiming sexual harassment, you could say there's a lot on our plates...

Lindsay Lohan Is THAT Egocentric & Attention Seeking

Mar 10th, 2010

Try to follow me on this one. You know the amazing E-Trade commercials with the talking babies? How could you not. Well Lindsay Lohan being Lindsay Lohan somehow managed to sue them claiming their most recent commercial was modeled after her. Yes, ladies and gents, it's official. Lohan has gone bonkers...

Rihanna's Cheating Ways

Mar 10th, 2010

Rihanna's body just doesn't come naturally. And although we're sure her personal trainer here in America is paid her dues, looks like when Rihanna's overseas, she seeks training elsewhere---and forgets to pay...

Madonna's A Neighbor From Loud Music Hell

Oct 22nd, 2009

She may have millions of fans, but she has not found one in her New York City neighbor. Seems like her MaDjesty, Madonna, may have burned some bridges with the common folk around her. Blasting music at all hours of the night? Stomping and shaking up the walls for three hours a day? If we were her neighbor, we'd join, but it seems like it's gotten a bit out of control...

Sean Penn Gets Tough And Attacks A Photog

Oct 09th, 2009

If you thought Spicoli Sean Penn was a bad a$$ on the big screen, turns out he's the same when the camera's not rolling. Seems like Mr. Penn got ahead of himself and attacked a paparazzi--punched the guy even. Lawsuit? We're smelling...yes...

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