Chris Brown In Trouble With Wrigley's, Guess It's Not 'Forever'!

Oct 09th, 2009

Don't rub Wrigley's the wrong way! That's just what Chris Brown did when he decided to b*tch slap Rihanna around town last February. Shortly after the incident, the gum company decided to drop Chris and his Forever song from their ADs. Now they are suing mad...

Lawsuit: Dr. Phil Held Me Captive And Touched My Boob!

Oct 08th, 2009

TMZ reports that Shirley Dieu has filed a lawsuit against the television giant. Allegedly she was held captive in his production offices and he touched her...

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Denies He Raped Woman

Jul 24th, 2009

Got another Kobe Bryant on our hands? Unfortunately when you become a big sports star, big problems shortly follow. And for Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roesthlisberger, it's just as bad as it can possibly get. Yesterday, the QB addressed the sexual assault allegations claimed by a casino worker in Nevada...

Linda Hogan's Hairdresser Claims She Uses Alimony $$$ for Drugs

Jun 19th, 2009

The Hogans are right up there with the Lohans as the craziest celebrity family. And since Hulk Hogan and his he-she wife, Linda Hogan, are in the middle of a terrible divorce--we, of course, get to read about all of the juicy details. Not that Brooke Hogan doesn't already talk about it endlessly on her reality show and then complain about privacy or anything. Well, looks like Linda apparently uses her alimony money to buy herself some drugssss...

Charlize Theron in $20 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over a Watch

Oct 09th, 2008

Charlize Theron was paid $20 million dollars to become the new face of Weil. Her one obligation was to wear their watches, exclusively. Charlize Theron supposedly broke that arrangement by wearing a watch from the Christian Dior line during a press event in March of '06. If I was being paid $20 million to wear a watch...

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