Cameron Diaz Quotes!

May 15th, 2012

Superstar Cameron Diaz’s 40th birthday is fast approaching and with this, we are reminded that her career as a sexy Hollywood superstar will soon be coming to a close.

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Guess What? Lea Michele Is A Beotch!

Apr 21st, 2011

While attending the Coachella festival with her Glee co-stars Chord Overstreet and Harry Shum Jr., Lea Michele decided to pick on a few girls who were chatting the boys up. No clue how these girls didn't deck Lea in the face, which she should have welcomed considering it may have fixed her nose. We're only poking fun because there are too many stories with Lea's beotchiness...

Kellan Lutz Could Beat Me Up

Feb 24th, 2011

Err, umm, we guess you look good Kellan Lutz? We'd definitely pass up making fun of your chesticles...we'd have to resort to making fun of you behind your back for the sheer fear of you punching us out with just your pinky. You...are...huge...

Jennifer Aniston's BFF Chelsea Handler Verbally Attacks Angelina Jolie

Dec 06th, 2010

Yikes! This is about to cause mayhem in the media world. On Dec. 3, Friday night, Chelsea Handler (who has been very close with Jennifer Aniston lately) went on a tirade where she bashed Angelina Jolie for being a homewrecker. She even went as far as calling her the "C" word every woman hates...

Lindsay Lohan And Dina Lohan Are Not Pleased With GLEE Poking Fun

Nov 19th, 2010

Since Lindsay Lohan is running out of cash nowadays, it only makes sense for her to sue anything that "slanders" her name. Yeah, make sense when she's pretty much done that to herself, but anywho who am I to judge. If you watch the greatness that is Glee, then you saw Gwyneth Paltrow guest star this past Tuesday. And her character had the pleasure of dissing Lohan and that family certainly did not approve...

You Mess With Ali Lohan, You Get Punched By Lindsay Lohan

Jan 12th, 2010

If you mess with Lindsay Lohan's older younger sister, Ali Lohan, be ready for a coke filled punch. It seems as though after some dude kept harassing Ali, Lindz gave him a warning and then punched 'em on down...

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