Jennifer Aniston Apparently Bans Heidi Montag From "Just Go With It" Premiere

Feb 15th, 2011

Heidi Montag's 15 minutes up and they were cut even shorter when Jennifer Aniston apparently banned her from the premiere of their movie Just Go With It. According to Heidi, Jennifer did not want her on the carpet as she would be "too polarizing." Yeah, we believe this is horse crap and that Heidi is just trying to make headlines...

Selena Gomez Gives Her Boyfriend A Nice View At His Movie Premiere

Feb 10th, 2011

Good for you Justin Bieber. Not only are you a millionaire, but you're dating a gal two years older than you and she's able to look hot dressed like this. Selena Gomez, we get the point...

Taylor Momsen Really Dresses For The Justin Bieber Occasion

Feb 10th, 2011

Well this is really appropriate for the tweens who came out to see Justin Bieber during his Never Say Never movie premiere. Taylor Momsen stole the show by looking one step away from Tim Curry's Dr. Frankenfurter. Seriously, can this girl just go away already?...

Someone Feed Angelina Jolie...Period.

Aug 20th, 2010

It's probably not a good thing when your arm is the same size as your wrist. Angelina Jolie was in Berlin earlier this week promoting that flick Salt and let's just say that if the wind was about five miles stronger, she probably would have been swept up with it...

Angelina Jolie At The Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Salt'

Jul 21st, 2010

Angelina Jolie looked incredible on the red carpet for Salt on Monday night. The mother of six looked the best she has in years. Long-time beau Brad Pitt was by her side and the couple really showed what Hollywood glam is all about. Celebrating was well deserved for these two. They're with their kids 24/7. Time they let loose!...

Jessica Biel's Hot Again

Jun 03rd, 2010

She should leave Justin Timberlake home more often. Jessica Biel looked quite amazing at the A-Team movie premiere. Recently, we've only seen Biel rocking messy hair, sweatpants, and holding hands with beau Justin. If Justin is a douche (like we're hearing) with their relationship, something tells us that Jessica certainly won't have a hard time finding another guy interested in her...

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