2011 Met Gala: Hottest Of The Hot

May 03rd, 2011

Nightly Treat: Rihanna II

Mar 02nd, 2011

New Photos Of Rihanna From When Chris Brown Beat Her...Yikes

Feb 25th, 2011

If Chris Brown thought every one forgot about his little act of violence on Rihanna's face back in February 2009, well here's a nice little reminder. And we're sure Chris is none too thrilled with these being released since he's trying to make a career for himself again...

Rihanna Brings Out The Heavy Artillery Side Boob For Kanye West's New Music Video

Feb 21st, 2011

Well, well, well. We definitely approve of this side of Rihanna. The singer revealed more than just her voice for Kanye West's new video "All of the Lights." In fact, she revealed her entire top half with basically just a piece of electric tape covering the nipple area. Okay, Rihanna. We're liking this...

Grammy Looks: Rihanna's See Through Dress

Feb 14th, 2011

Nothing really says skank dress like Rihanna's Grammy one! The kool-aid head singer really took out the heavy artillery when it came to picking out her dress. And aside from rubbing up on Drake during their What's My Name? performance, we're pretty sure her dress alone got him boiling...

The Ladies Of The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

Feb 14th, 2011

Need we say more? Sure, there are some bizarre girls in these photos, but for the most part the Grammys brought out the best in Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Katy Perry last night...