Raging Rihanna fans!

Mar 14th, 2012

Raging Rihanna fans!

March 14th, 2012 by helga Tags: Rihanna , Chris Brown

Lindsay Lohan Is Being Stalked

May 18th, 2011

Just add this onto Lindsay Lohan's already long list of problems. The actress took to her Twitter to post a picture of a guy who has been stalking her. Ah the power of social networking!...

Cameron Diaz Is A Push Up Away From Looking Like Alex Rodriguez

Feb 23rd, 2011

Err...umm...we can't even comment due to the sheer fact we'd be scared Cameron Diaz might come and beat us up...

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Three Engagement Rings Picked Out

Jan 27th, 2011

Talking about putting the desperate in Jennifer Love Desperate. Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she can't wait to be engaged and that she's ready for it. The actress admitted that she has already put three diamond engagement rings on hold in case her current boyfriend, Alex Beh, (of like half a year) decides to pop the question...

But Ryan Gosling Doesn't Want To Hurt Kirsten Dunst!

Dec 28th, 2010

There's a reason it's called acting, but Ryan Gosling still won't pull a biznitches hair. And that's what happened on the set of his new flick All Good Things. In one scene, Ryan had to drag co-star Kirsten Dunst out of a room by her hair. And when that one scene was set to film, Ryan told the director: "I DON'T want to do it...I don't want to hurt Kirsten!"...

Gwyneth Paltrow Introduced Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift

Dec 21st, 2010

I'm sure you've all lost sleep on how Taylor Swift met Jake Gyllenhaal. Well, now you can all rest easy because it's Gwyneth Paltrow's fault. The two randos got together after they met at Gwyneth & Chris Martin's home back in the day and Gwyn decided to spill the beans about it...