Tom Cruise Actually Looks Hot While Filming Mission Impossible IV...Yes We Just Said That

Oct 07th, 2010

Who knew underneath the bad hair and freak-a-zoid Scientology ways, there actually lies a decent looking man? Yes, we're regretting those very words as we say them, but we can't dismiss Tom Cruise as somewhat attractive just because he's nuts. Could it be that he has better abs than The Situation? All along we just thought Tom had some voodoo power over Katie Holmes, now we get it. Guy's got abs of steel...

Is Lindsay Lohan The Newest Celebrity Member Of Scientology?

Aug 05th, 2010

She's still making news even when she's not out in public. Here's a new one for Lindsay Lohan today. Reports are circulating that the recently released jailbird and current rehabber is seeking out Scientology as her newest religious belief...

Will Smith Still Into Scientology

Jul 16th, 2010

Looks like the Smith's are still into their craziness. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were photographed leaving the Scientology center in Los Angeles. Still proving to all of us that they're still consumed by all things nutso. Oh and Tom Cruise was there in full support. Wonder what these two chat about once they exit...

Tom & Katie's Open Marriage

Jun 28th, 2010

I guess Scientology just added another rule to their crazy books. Word on the street is that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes like to get it on with other people. The two are said to have an open marriage and the thoughts of these two getting down with other unfortunate people, simply bothers me...

The Scientologists Almost Recruited Brad Pitt

May 03rd, 2010

Long before the Brangelina days, Brad Pitt had himself a little run in with Scientology. A new book claims that Papa Pitt was introduced to the crazy cult by then girlfriend, actress Juliette Lewis. The two started regularly visiting the Scientology Celebrity Center in LA. And there's no use denying, Bradley. Official church records show that he completed two courses in July '91 and May '93...

Katie Holmes Calls On The Gods Of Scientology For Baby #2

Mar 04th, 2010

Yes because a faux religious act will be the reason why a baby is put into your stomach---not because you unfortunately let Tom Cruise stick it in you. Ew, my mind for the rest of the day is completely screwed up with that image. Get ready for this Scientology "auditing" crap she's undergoing. It's that ridiculous...

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