Alessandra Ambrosio's Tight Dress Is Like An Early Christmas Present

Oct 20th, 2009

In more exciting news at this MTV bash over the weekend, Alessandra Ambrosio showed up in an outfit only a motha could love. Tight, sexy, see through, short. If this didn't make your mouths drop, we can't figure out what possibly could. We still can't get over that this woman had a baby not too long ago. Seriously, there's something in the water in Brazil. All we know is, we're heading there during our next vacation to find a hot local hook up...


Rihanna Shops at the Goodwill!

Aug 25th, 2009

Her style is usually on point, but this look isn't working. The see through leggings are a horrible choice- teamed with the fact that she can't sing, and it's a recipe for disaster...

Lindsay Lohan: Do Your Boobs Hang Low?

Aug 12th, 2009

Miss Lindsay Lohan, what will you do next? We've already seen the goods more than enough, but I guess another nipple shot will have to be welcomed. Because even if we don't welcome it (even though we do because we can see past the failure of your life) we're always going to get it...

AnnaLynne McCord Ruins A See Through Moment

Jul 31st, 2009

AnnaLynne, AnnaLynne, AnnaLynne McCord. Could you spare us just a touch of your shirt sans anything under it? Turns out she can't or she's classier than we thought. Leaving some place the other night, photographers got a pic of the 90210 star and unfortunately didn't cop any sexy pictures due to McCord remembering to put a bra on...

Eva Mendes Ruins Potential See-Through Picture

Jun 23rd, 2009

We haven't seen Eva Mendes in a while and to be completely honest she ruined the fantasies of many men with this picture. Thank God for bright lights when taking pictures, right?...

Audrina Shows Her Dignity, Boobs

May 06th, 2009

Audrina Patridge arrived @ h.wood nightclub with a couple of tricks up her sleeve. And by tricks, we mean boobs and by sleeve we mean completely see through dress. Patridge looks like a hot bumblebee...

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