Lindsay Lohan Writes An Essay On Marilyn Monroe?

Oct 03rd, 2011

Because Lindsay Lohan really has this much time on her hands. We don't even know what to say about this. LiLo just wrote an essay for the just-released coffee table book on Marilyn Monroe, "Marilyn: Intimate Exposures". Read it for yourselves...

Lindsay Lohan's Low-Key 25th Birthday Dinner

Jul 06th, 2011

Can you believe Lindsay Lohan ONLY went to dinner with two of her siblings in Los Angeles over the weekend to celebrate her birthday? Neither can we...

Justin Bieber Introduces Selena Gomez To His Family

Jun 01st, 2011

Although Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were recently spotted tearing up Hawaii with their crazy PDA, the two toned it down when Justin took his gal pal to meet his family over Memorial Day Weekend. After spending time together on the tropical island, they traveled to Bieber's native Canada to spend time with his half-siblings and father, Jeremy...

Dane Cook's Half Brother Stole $12 Million From Him

Dec 13th, 2010

Talk about family values. The Massachusetts attorney general's office has just ordered Dane Cook's half brother and sister-in-law %12 million after they both pleaded guilty to sealing from him. Wow, could you imagine a sibling stealing that much money from you? We wonder how long it took Dane to figure out a chunk of cash like that was missing...

The Kardashians My Butt!

Jul 09th, 2010

In Khloe Kardashian's DREAMS! If there was an award for PHOTOSHOP of the year, this takes the cake. The Kardashian sisters gathered to shoot ADs for their Beach Bunny swimwear line. One little problem, Khloe is nowhere near as tiny as her sister's...

Jessica Simpson's Jealous Of Younger Sis, Ashlee Simpson

Apr 02nd, 2010

Another day, another Jessica Simpson body image issue. This time including her younger sis, Ashlee Simpson. Just seemed decent enough to post about today. It seems as though while Jessica wants everyone to believe she's embraced her curvy bod, she's truly jealous of Ashlee's slender self...

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