Brooklyn Decker Says She's Fat In The Modeling World...She Looks Perfect To Us!

Aug 11th, 2010

Brooklyn Decker is absolutely gorgeous, but if you ask her---she may be "too big" in the modeling world. In the September issue of Women's Health, the stunning beauty opens up about her curvaceous figure. All we know is that Andy Roddick is one lucky SOB each and every night...

Get Ready To Shake, Rattle, & Roll Your Breasts For Disney!

Mar 24th, 2010

Calling all actresses, Disney is looking for a new lady to star alongside Johnny Depp in the upcoming fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. But if you're Heidi Montag and think your fake breasts are going to get you the role, think again...

Jessica Simpson Doesn't Want The World To Know How She Is In Bed, Talks Weight To Oprah

Mar 03rd, 2010

A hop, skip, and a jump later---Jessica Simpson wasted no time opening up live on Oprah regarding the whole John Mayer mess and those ridiculous mom jeans that spanned a whole weight controversy. She doesn't want the whole world to know how she is in bed, but will discuss it on Oprah with millions of viewers. Hmmm...

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