Kanye West Wants A Piece Of Cristiano Ronaldo's Supermodel Girlfriend Irina Shayk

Feb 07th, 2011

Somebody has caught Kanye West's attention and it isn't Kim Kardashian's butt for once. Supermodel Irina Shayk had Mr. West looking like a lost puppy dog while both were in attendance at a party last week. Irina is the girlfriend of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo...

David Beckham Nailed A Hooker Behind Victoria Beckham's Back

Sep 24th, 2010

Looks like David Beckham has a thing for hookers in hotel. In Touch is reporting that the soccer dad got down and dirty with a hooker at a posh London hotel. And since the chick/whore went on the record, we have all of the juicy details after the jump...

Katy Perry Stands Divided

Jun 15th, 2010

Katy Perry showed her World Cup pride over the weekend. The California Girls singer wore a latex outfit, half representing the US and the other half representing the UK. And if she weren't marrying Russell Brand, we're pretty sure that whole outfit would be US. Katy even tweeted that since she's marry an Englishman, she stands divided...

Ke$ha May Have A Loud Mouth, But She's Pretty Boring At The Beach

Mar 26th, 2010

This bathing suit is Blah, Blah, Blah if you ask me. Not the classiest of girls in young Hollywood today, Ke$ha showed up at the beach looking a hot mess. Between this suit that does NOTHING for her body and the shirt she wore over it heading into the ocean, she looks more like a soccer mom than pop star...

The Girls Of Grammy's!

Feb 01st, 2010

On my best dressed list is Keri Hilson who looked absolutely flawless. Many will probably disagree of my Lady Gaga likeness simply for the fact that home girl is crazy and no other human being (aside from Bjork) on the planet would wear that crap, but I actually think it worked. Nicole Kidman has had waaaaay too much plastic surgery done...

Brit Brit Rocks a Stellar Booty

Oct 06th, 2009

While her ex is literally eating himself into an early grave, Britney Spears is strutting about town and flaunting her post-US tour bod, particularly her surprisingly plump dairy aire...

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