Miranda Kerr sets hearts racing with flawless cleavage

Oct 01st, 2013

Whilst Fashion Week should be all about the clothes, Miranda Kerr has stolen the limelight (no big surprise) at this years Paris celebrations.

October 01st, 2013 by EmilyM Tags: Miranda Kerr

Christina Hendricks Hacked!

Mar 05th, 2012

If celebrities thought they could rest easy now with the hacker that got into over 51 peoples phone’s including Scarlett Johansson’s earlier this year behind bars, they we’re wrong.

March 05th, 2012 by helga Tags: Christina Hendricks

Johansson nude pics scandal!

Feb 08th, 2012

Johansson nude pics scandal!

February 08th, 2012 by helga Tags: Scarlett Johansson

Party Crasher Steals $3,200 Birthday Cake From Paris Hilton's Bash

Feb 21st, 2011

Some douchebag had nothing else better to do but to crash Paris Hilton's 30th birthday party (one of the 2342342 that went on) and steal the $3,200 birthday cake. Yes, a cake that cost $3,200 dollars. That, right there, could feed a third world country. Anywho, the moron who goes by the name of "Paz" bragged at greath length about his theft on a long Facebook note, "I crashed Paris Hilton's Birthday Party and Accidentally the Whole Cake. I woke up this morning with a birthday cake in my living room. It's big. It's red. It says 'Paris'. And its fucking delicious"...

Paris Hilton Loses Her Cell Phone Right Before New Years Eve

Jan 04th, 2011

Ah, it's another lost cell phone for Paris Hilton. Just one day before New Year's Eve, the heiress was enjoying some vacation time with boyfriend Cy Waits and then bam! Cell phone donezo...

Ke$ha's Nude Pics Have Been Stolen

Dec 13th, 2010

These photos are online also, so check 'em out via Google since we can't post them. Ke$ha is the latest celebrity involved in a nude scandal. News on the streets is that German hackers have reportedly stolen files and photos from the computers of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and other celebs...