Kanye West Is A Sweet Sixteen Performer

Feb 09th, 2011

Talk about having friends in high places. As a nice gesture towards his friend, Kanye West performed at George Condo's daughter's sweet 16 party for free. Please, you know his ego at least increased. Condo designed the controversial album cover art for West's latest CD "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"...

The Girls Of Grammy's!

Feb 01st, 2010

On my best dressed list is Keri Hilson who looked absolutely flawless. Many will probably disagree of my Lady Gaga likeness simply for the fact that home girl is crazy and no other human being (aside from Bjork) on the planet would wear that crap, but I actually think it worked. Nicole Kidman has had waaaaay too much plastic surgery done...

Crystal Audigier's Sweet Sixteen, Yowza!

Nov 26th, 2008

Move over Miley, say goodbye Selena, there's a new teen Princess in town and her name is Crysal Audigier. She doesn't sing, she doesn't act, but boy can her parents throw a party. Crystal Audigier's Sweet Sixteen was out of this world...

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