5 random Tara Reid quotes!

Mar 14th, 2012

And an excuse to put up bikini shots…

March 14th, 2012 by helga Tags: Tara Reid

Justin Bieber's An Airport Brat

May 09th, 2011

Justin Bieber is a loaded 17-year-old who doesn't have a care in the world, so can we really blame him for pulling this crap? Apparently the Biebs was leaving Sydney, Australia one afternoon when he decided to wander to the back of the aircraft as the seatbelt sign was switched on. And he got in trouble for that...

Jessica Simpson Rules Out Broadway

May 02nd, 2011

Because you all have been saving your hard earned money to see Jessica Simpson on Broadway, right? Well, news flash: she won't ever be appearing there. We know you all must be heartbroken. Apparently, Jess just says she'd struggle to adapt to the routine of live theater...

Ke$ha Likes To Grab Crotches

Apr 20th, 2011

Are we surprised by this headline? One would think not considering it's Ke$ha. What worries me most is that an actual living male allowed her to do this to him. Let's cut to the chase. Basically Ke$ha was spotted with her hands all over an unidentified male's, erm, crot ch...

Carrie Underwood Forced Her Husband To Switch Hockey Teams

Feb 25th, 2011

Seems like Carrie Underwood wears the pants in this marriage. The reason why her professional hockey playing husband left his Ottawa Senators for the Nashville Predators? According to sources, the country singer pressured him to do so to save their marriage...

Katy Perry Is Now Katy Brand

Dec 10th, 2010

Katy Perry no more? At least legally, she won't be! While filming a segment on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the California Gurls singer revealed that she in fact was "in the process of" of changing her name in response to Ellen asking her if she will be switching to Brand...

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