Megan Fox Is Getting Rid Of Marilyn Monroe

Apr 30th, 2011

Buh bye Marilyn Monroe! Megan Fox has decided to get rid of the tattoo she had made in honor of the icon. Meggers has been spotted showcasing the tat on her right forearm fading...but we doubt this process is anything but pleasant...

Eva Longoria Removing Tony Parker Tattoos

Nov 26th, 2010

Eva Longoria is sure desperate to remove any trace of Tony Parker in her life. Unfortunately, she was a dumb a$$ "in love" when she decided to tattoo her soon-to-be ex husband's basketball number on the back of her neck and the date of her wedding on her right wrist. Fortunately, she's rich enough to get that garbage removed...

Kelly Osbourne's Getting Rid Of Her Tattoo's

Oct 11th, 2010

Kelly Osbourne hasn't finished her entire make-over yet. Sure she's lost an incredible amount of weight, spiced up her wardrobe, and now wears attractive make-up, but she still has those tattoo's that cover many parts of her bod. So what's a girl to do? When you're loaded, it's easy. Get 'em removed!...

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