Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Probably Shouldn't Fighting This Much If They're Engaged

Jun 26th, 2010

Hilary Duff and her boy toy, Mike Comrie, should probably consider some time apart if this is what their marriage is going to be. The two were out partying at LA nightclub Voyeur back in May and many onlookers saw the two publicly fighting. Looks like it's not so happy after all...

That Doorman Was Probably Super Close To A Bruised Face

May 07th, 2010

Sure he beat the crap out of Rihanna a year and change ago and sure he apologized for his actions, but that doesn't mean Chris Brown has learned from his past. Turns out the R&B crooner/woman beater became quite angry when he was turned away at Eve Nightclub in Las Vegas for being underage. Mike Tyson ain't got shizz on him...

Naomi Campbell Wanted By NYC Police After Limo Driver Assault

Mar 02nd, 2010

Looks like the most violent supermodel in history, Naomi Campbell, is wanted again for---you guessed it---assaulting yet ANOTHER person. Shortly just after 1 pm today, Naomi punched her limo driver in Manhattan then took off like a bat out of hell, hiding out from police...

Samantha Ronson Dumps Lindsay Lohan...AGAIN

Jun 23rd, 2009

We think Lindsay Lohan must be great at going down in the underground because Samantha Ronson just keeps on taking her break...and then breaking her heart. And it's all because of Nicole Richie! Monday night, Ronson attended a party that Nicole invited her to. Since Nicole feels ill towards Lindsay, she wasn't allowed to come! So what did Lindsay do? Throw a temper tantrum we imagine when she found out her beloved went anyway...

Shia LaBeouf Loves Megan Fox, This Could Get Awkward!

Mar 13th, 2009

Things could get sticky between Transformers stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, especially if LaBeouf thinks with his penis instead of his brain. The actor mentioned he's had a thing for Fox since day one of filming. His pet name for Megan Fox is Foxy, clever. Also, Fox was noted saying, "Shia is the best kisser ever. Really, it's true!" during their first on-screen kiss scenes...

Megan Fox is Single, Hip Hip Hooray!

Feb 25th, 2009

Remember that line of bullshit I spoon fed you three posts back, about the single models/stars waiting for your proposal? No? Well go read it! Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have officially split up! Holy Chris Brown temper tantrum! While Fox and Green remain amiable, the two decided to focus more on their careers, instead of love. How will Brian Austin Green ever find a girl that compares to Megan Fox? Will Megan Fox ever get over the breakup? Stay tuned for next season of 90210...

Megan Fox and fiance Brian Austin Green have split, Usmagazine.com has learned.

"The relationship had run its course," an insider tells Us exclusively. "It's completely amicable, and they are remaining friends."

Fox, 22 (who’ll reprise her role as Mikaela in this June’s sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), and Green, 35 (a regular on Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), now “are both focusing on their careers," the source adds.

The couple -- who have tattoos of each other's names -- met in 2004 and, as Us first reported, got engaged in November 2006. (source)

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