Lady Gaga stumbles on home intruders

Nov 27th, 2012

'Mother Monster' (AKA Lady Gaga) has revealed that 35 of her fans broke into her garage on Thanksgiving - in the house she was staying at in Peru.

November 27th, 2012 by EmilyM Tags: Lady GaGa

Brooke Mueller Parties With Paris Hilton And Ends Up In Rehab...Again

Dec 07th, 2010

Paris Hilton is bad for your health and Brooke Mueller had to learn that the hard way. The two have struck up an odd friendship over the past couple of months and for Paris's new reality show, Brooke went out and partied with her the night before Thanksgiving. Well, Thanksgiving morning Brooke was spotted leaving the Farmer's Daughter Hotel in LA and heading straight for rehab...

Jessica Simpson Cooks Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner In A Hotel Room

Nov 29th, 2010

Somehow, someway Jessica Simpson cooked a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner in her NYC hotel room last week. The 30-year-old "singer" created this special meal for her vegan fiance Eric Johnson and managed to do so while cooped up in a hotel room. She was in town to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...

Jennifer Aniston Hot 41-Year-Old Bikini Bod

Nov 29th, 2010

She may not rake in the dough for her movies, but she definitely has one hot bod when it comes to bikinis. The 41-year-old stunner spent the Thanksgiving holiday with her BFF Chelsea Handler down in Mexico and let's just say, there are more pics of her in a bikini where this came from...

Thanksgiving Eve Tata's: Geri Halliwell

Nov 24th, 2010

A pair of Spice boobs never gets old so we fully enjoy Geri Halliwell's nice, tan rack...

Thanksgiving Eve Tata's: Katy Perry

Nov 24th, 2010

Well, the Simpson's are sure lucky cartoons. Usually only Russell Brand has the pleasure of motor boating Katy Perry's goods whenever he wants...

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