Jennifer Lopez's New Talent Show

Jun 01st, 2011

Ever since Jennifer Lopesz joined American Idol she's found her way back into the music scene. But now she might not return to the hit Fox show because JLo is joining forces with her hubby Marc Anthony for their new reality TV show, ĦQ’Viva! The Chosen...

Justin Bieber's An Airport Brat

May 09th, 2011

Justin Bieber is a loaded 17-year-old who doesn't have a care in the world, so can we really blame him for pulling this crap? Apparently the Biebs was leaving Sydney, Australia one afternoon when he decided to wander to the back of the aircraft as the seatbelt sign was switched on. And he got in trouble for that...

Victoria Beckham Throws Lady Gaga A Cheap Shot

Nov 15th, 2010

Who knew Victoria Beckham had a sense of humor? While chatting with WWD, the former Spice Girl took a jab at pop princess Lady Gaga. Normally the one for all things fashion, even she finds Lady Gaga a little bit bizarre so much so that she believes she's a parody of herself...

Joe Jonas Took Off The Purity Ring To Bang Ashley Greene

Sep 10th, 2010

Joe Jonas, you've been a bad bad bad bad boy! So bad that you've taken off that purity ring you so heavily relied on all of these years---you know, with the Jonas Brothers claiming their pureness/virginity until their wedding night. Well, ever since Ashley Greene came into the picture, Joe seems to be missing something pretty "pure" on that ring finger...

Jessica Alba's See Through Top Is Awesome

Sep 07th, 2010

Jessica Alba should have just opted for a bra. There's no need for a see-through top when it's extremely extremely see through. We would have much rather Jessica forget that at home. Anyway, Jessica is stunning as ever and here she is traveling to promote her new flick Machete...

Paris Hilton Likes The Marijuana

Jul 20th, 2010

Paris Hilton + overseas + smoking weed = not a good idea. In just two weeks, the heiress has been detained overseas due to her love of weed. Although it never lasted long enough for us to speculate the ladies tappin' that arse, Paris surely makes it easy for all of us to see her favorite sport: sucking on a foreign substance...

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