Gosselins: Womanizer and Ball-Buster Birthday Party Showdown!

Oct 08th, 2009

Kate doesn't want Jon anywhere near her or their twin girls Mady and Cara for the girls' birthday. According to TMZ, Kate has had enough with Jon and his recent antics...

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Show Off Their Twins

Jul 02nd, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker isn't showing off her newest pair of Manolos and Matthew Broderick isn't confirming what we've all expected over the years (that he secretly likes playing the other field.) Instead the duo have just released a picture of their brand new week-old twin baby girls...

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Welcome Twin Girls (With Horrible Names)

Jun 24th, 2009

Although the babies didn't pop out of their surrogate mother with matching Manolo's and Fendi purses, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick now have twin baby girls on their hands. We kind of figured at this point Broderick couldn't get it up since it's not far fetched that he may be playing the other field, but congratulations anyway...

Rebecca Romijn Sheds the Baby Fat, Lookin' Good

Feb 03rd, 2009

It's always nice to see Rebecca Romijn staying pro-active and treating her body right. After having twin girls last year with actor Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn has been very adamant about losing those extra baby pounds. Here she is jogging down the street and burning off some...

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